Adding ringtones etc to Android via storage

There is a place in your external storage; be this the SD card or in case of the nexus just the part of internal memory your are shown when you connect the usb; where you can drop audio files and have them magically appear in your alarm, ringtone or notification menus. You need to makeContinue reading “Adding ringtones etc to Android via storage”

pixelartclock: Awesome but Uninstalling :(

I installed the Pixel Art Clock Widget by Nasc on my Cyanogen HTC Magic yesterday. Ever since my phone was behaving utterly insane. Had to pull the battery several times, had random reboots, general unrepsonsiveness and constant force-closing of EVERYTHING else. So I uninstalled and left the following review Awesome but Uninstalling 😦 by Gen–Continue reading “pixelartclock: Awesome but Uninstalling :(“

Creating Dutch dictionary for android

As a follow up to yesterdays post, a howto for creating the LatinIME dictionary (in this case raw-nl/main.dict) files! All info necessary to do so is readily available on As a base, you need a wad of decent text, the more the better! The quality of the dictionary will improve as more data isContinue reading “Creating Dutch dictionary for android”

Where are the Keyboard Dictionaries in #Android?

I love the Froyo multiple languages keyboard feature! Its AWESOME, sliding a finger over the keyboard to change language .. Awesome! If your specific dictionary is in there. Which it probably isnt, since there are only 6 dictionaries in the default keyboard. And Dutch isnt in there. Dutch is in several other keyboards, like theContinue reading “Where are the Keyboard Dictionaries in #Android?”