My phone died and I wan’t those 6.6gb of pictures

I desperately want those pictures. The hotel wifi was not up to uploading the load of awesome shots (like those amazing panoramas I did) so I have a flaky  few days of pictures, some are there, others aren’t. And I want them all, obviously. Maybe I’d be happy if there were some for all days,Continue reading “My phone died and I wan’t those 6.6gb of pictures”

So I had a little chat with DHL about my Ouya.

My ouya was planned to arrive between 14/6 (something like that) and the 1st. That’s what the email said and that’s the email that contained the mysterious tracking number that didn’t ever work anywhere, until some good Google Plus’er (Christian Buggedei I think) found out what site would take it and we all ended upContinue reading “So I had a little chat with DHL about my Ouya.”

the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.

I try to like the @privateerpress war machine app, War Room & it has nice sides. But I’m having a hard time getting over having to buy those cards after buying the MK1 books, MK1 cards deck, MKII books, MKII cards deck and a big feldherr bag full of miniatures.  (With a card each) FeelsContinue reading “the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.”

Zombies, Run! for Android

I first heard about “Zombies, Run!” from their Kickstarter campaignin 2011. I was intrigued by the concept and kept an eye on it. I seriously considered supporting the project, but because they didn’t support Android at first (they announced support further in the funding drive) and because I had kinda lost faith in the project,Continue reading “Zombies, Run! for Android”

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land for Android

A opinion on Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land. Google Play Store: Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land   I came upon the game through the current Indie Gala IX, that was offering the game in a pay what you want action. The first experiences didn’t bode well. The game restarts any time your screen locks, andContinue reading “Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land for Android”

Some android apps fresh users might appreciate

No ringing endorsements, just a small list of apps I use and like. AirDroid – Android Apps on Google Play Aldiko Book Reader Premium – Android Apps on Google Play (Or the free version Aldiko Book Reader – Android Apps on Google Play Same features, I just bought it to support the app) Barcode Scanner – Android AppsContinue reading “Some android apps fresh users might appreciate”