Good Moooring Viieeetnaaaaaaaam (eik) Im really not in that good a mood, no really, i’m not :p But it just came to me to start like this. Quite funny actually since I never saw that movie & think the whole vietnam war was just another one of Americas “Lets have a war – YAY” momentsContinue reading

hmm.. ok NOW to bed than πŸ™‚ Rasberygrl came on at AIM & since she lives @ america (-6h timezone so it seems..) I couldnt resist to say hi πŸ™‚ Learned that My Dear Ashes timezone prolly is -6 too.. Damn, What I wouldnt give to talk to her!! I should really ask her phoneContinue reading

Its time for me to get another Blog Skin πŸ™‚ I checked out some designs and for the second time already, I stumbled upon and more precicely, the may*star designs.. I decided on her Gun Smoke design and .. well, after some editing of course, that might be the new design for this blogContinue reading

So I helped Aardbij with her Blog.. (see her Thanx :)) and how does she repay me, She uses the same Template – LOL πŸ™‚ So yay, another link for my friends section why does everyone smoke?? 😦

Once again i’m clicking around onDeviant Art (digital art).. She s empty and so beautifull.. Powerfull, nice, smoothe.. Great picture! There are some Great artists on the web, really!Next I was stunned by this Entangling.. damn nice! Got a whole lovable yet scary theme surrounding it!The Dollhouse – Another one of those Great works.. MoodContinue reading

Amazing.. I just discovered an American site about sex that is actually GOOD! Its all about discision making about sex ans altough some hints towards their standard puritisme are given, most of the site actually presents you Good information! It’s Your Call – Making Sexual Decisionsan interactive site to help you make decisions that areContinue reading

Quick Commic post before Diner..GPF is just mega funny πŸ™‚It has a PC, Sci Fi kinda theme, with nice drawings & stuff Start Reading Now!! πŸ™‚

And now for my last post before a rejoicing night of sleep.. I took a long & nice shower& it felt GREATreally refreshed me (altough it was a hot one – lol) It did leave me with an Incredible urge for Sex! I Really feel like spending a day in bed with a woman IContinue reading

Todays featured webcommic is … *drumms* πŸ˜€ Its a really great commic, by I think one of the most funny ppl around.. Really, worth checking out! Might want to read the whole series or you might miss some.. The characters personalities is already half the humour! Phew.. Im finaly able to write some.. Today wasContinue reading

Stitchy goes Test.. 71% And in the same spirit.. Im off to bed! πŸ˜€ yay lovely dreamgirl of mine.. here I come to cure you!! πŸ™‚ Kiss! I’ll make that tailbone of yours get better!! πŸ™‚