Time to heal.

It’s time to heal. Despite covid, dispite winter, despite lockdowns, despite..

We’ve all locked down,
We’ve all stopped,
We’ve all scaredly revived,
We’ve all angrily railed against the virus,
We’ve all angrily protested against weak or strong gov’t measures,
We’ve all felt like shit,
We’ve all embraced the little otherworldly things that remain,
We all need to rise like the phoenix from the flames.

Haha yeah, I went there. Bloody phoenix imagery πŸ™‚

It’s time tho.
Time to accept the realities and carry on with the new normal

For me that in part means my communities. I care deeply about a selection of vivid communities that have all come to a screeching halt. With some attempts to recreate the real life dynamics to online versions. With changing success depending on the format. And with short flaring revivals this summer that gave vital relief without, luckily, making anyone sick as far as I know.
But I don’t honestly thing anyone was ready for it, not really.

Reality has changed but communities and activism hasn’t. And even tho it doesn’t look like it did before, I for one am about ready to restart some of those efforts ^^

So let’s kick some new stuff off.

It won’t look like the old. But it’ll definitely answer some of the old needs in the new reality πŸ™‚

Can’t wait.

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