I feel like I’m going to blog a bit this week. Maybe even as a general closing theme of 2020. Let’s see.

I might also finally kill off my blog. It contains everything I thought of posting since 2004. 16 years of random crap πŸ™‚ And I guess, for compleness sake, there’s some blogger content floating around starting the mid 90s.

This place was offline for long while. And I missed it. So I put it back and some of the old content that’s still getting hits is helping people again, so that’s that. But I didn’t return to writing here either. It just sat here. Slightly uncomfortable at the amount of shit floating around in here.

Parts of the journey that got me here. But even tho every step gets you there, stepping in poop at some point and wiping it on the grass some steps later, doesn’t change where you ended up.

And there’s no taking things offline, all things remain in the endless wayback machine and I love them for it. I use them for my own crap and I will probably pay them if they need me some day. That said, there’s a difference between it existing, and me dragging it around, all 3088 posts here. Just like those 43.9K Tweets in the one account and the 2731 in the other. And those thousands of content I dropped all over all social media. Honestly, it’s out of control and I can only accept it. And that’s fine.
It’s fine, but writing it here, a bit overwhelming. But that’s life

Point is, I could write anywhere.
And I stopped writing because it didn’t feel right anywhere… But it doesn’t feel right here anymore either. Though I needed to get “here” back to realize that. To realize the weight and importance and fuck knows.
To realize I just stopped writing, regardless of space and time.
Time to start writing again; which is a good start here. It does have a homecoming feeling I guess πŸ™‚

Time to reconsider, drop some ballast, move publishing house and get back to kicking assss again πŸ™‚

Time to move on yet again.

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