How will my loved ones know when something bad happens to me?

This is the kick off post I put on facebook to start my fixing this situation. #EndOfLife There will be a part 2 and maybe 3 to this, detailing how I fixed things and potentially even part of the wishes document. Today just this tho 🙂

(TW. Not sure.. Death? Ill fate? Divorce.)

I don’t currently have any relationships that will be structurally notified when I land in the hospital. Pragmatically speaking, if I die now, my 2 preteen kids will get to bury me and have my stuff; so basically their mom will get the pleasure of dealing with all that for me, for them. (I don’t have a relationship with their mom other than amicable co-parenting after the divorce.)

I have other people tho that will want to visit me in the hospital and have a say on my burial and will need to be involved. And I care a lot about them being notified asap and having access to me and more.

My current situation is one of neglect (or at least stuff changed and not having been updated) and I need to fix this asap 🙂 (Shoutout to the RA Smorgasbord for revealing this.) But other than the legal naming stuff, I wonder.

I’m wondering about a “These people need to be involved when something happens” document somewhere, but even then the practicalities are complex? How do I make sure people even think of reading this when it happens?

So Question!
Do you have this? How do you deal with this?

Posted on Facebook to those who are members of these groups.

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