More good times?

The first motto I tried on was from a probably crappy 90s movie that I never saw.

Live like there’s no tomorrow

It served me well and informed amongst others my snowboarding philosophy. Turns out tho that snowboarding is easily ok far longer than I hoped and I’ll come out on top there 🎉

My mind motto became

No regrets.

It was the subtitle of my blog and I still stand by it.

It’s about making good choices and accepting that you’ll never be able to always make the perfect ones. It’s about accepting that decisions are easier when you have that hindsight and perfect information. And remembering that regrets don’t help anyone in any way, except if you have some idle energy to burn. I usually know where to put that energy to better use.

It might be time for a new one now.

This morning, after looking for a favourite Jack Nicholson quote, I came across his own personal motto..

More good times.

Jack Nicholson

And I, for the first time, realised how negative and backward looking my current one is. It served me well in a time where I had harder times and tougher decisions.. But ultimately, I prefer the future and positivity over a confidence that I’ll not dwell on all that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never stop living no regrets. But it’s a part of me. And it’s now time to grow beyond.

On to new pastures.

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