New Beginnings.

It’s been since September 14, 2015 that I posted a blogpost on here.
It’s been since September 14, 2015 at 12:40 am that I last commented on here and my closing words were “Moving on, there’s a new tomorrow.”

A lot has happened since then.
Truly a fucklot.

I’m a different person now. Stuff I wrote then is no longer me & the basic tenant of my blogging here has gained nuance that will probably make me archive some old stuff. Then again, on the internet nothing is ever gone; not even when the blog was offline.
Watch out what you post online, kids 😉

I’m somewhat back tho.

With a barebones resurection of all my data & some new stories to tell. New goodbyes & adventures.
Because that’s ultimately why I’m here. To tell a few more stories.

Strap in.

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