A bit on Ello & making friends

I wrote this on the Ello.co, spontaneous piece, but as writing something on a platform that has no reach (yet) is a bit senseless, it’s blog post time.

One thing I really Really miss about modern day social networks is the social aspect of meeting new people. Most of the tools SUCK for that. ICQ used to do that back when it was the first, MSN scrapped that feature. (yeah, that old) Facebook sucks, try talking to a new person, I double dare you. There’s some niche social networks that might in some way or form cultivate that, but going on Fetlife (nsfw) to make friends might be a stretch.
Twitter & G+ have a community that at least supports the idea, but it’s not really about making friends either..

Question is though.. Is anyone looking for a new way to make friends online? Facebook says no. The lean startup chat software example (can’t remember the name at all) says yes.. Sort of sounds like at least some people are..

Is ello.co going to do that any better?


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