A quick bit on Ello

There’s a new kid on the social media block and it’s called ello. Its minimalistic by design aesthetic and looks very smooth. Others say it looks clinical, and it’s been called the start of the Miserable Web.

There’s a new kid on the block and the writers smell blood. Everyone is putting in their 2 cents and lots is read into all sorts of things. The sad truth is though that its an incomplete set of features like many before it, names like diaspora & friendica come to mind. And there is still a long way to go to come near the smaller players, let alone the de facto leader, Facebook.

@desiknr on twitter:
There’s federated GNU Social, pump.io, Friendica, Diaspora. Somehow Ello gives me an http://App.net dejavu.

It’s also not so cute as it seems.
The project is VC funded by FreshTracks Capital, says Aral Balkan in a recent blog post where he says goodbye to the service, hoping to stop it before it gets traction.
Honestly though. Nothing wrong with VC funding but it’s a long way from “we made a site & shared it with friends, now you can have it too! And some time we’ll let you pay small money for extra features” as they put it on their pages. The question lingers, how will this investment firm capitalise on their investment.

Is it a Facebook killer though? Moving all those users is not just about a better experience or a better set of features. Its impossible to seriously assess that with what we know now.

It looks though that Ello.co is here to stay & planning to make a decent splash. And while you wait for that invite, log into VK.com as a reminder that Facebook is only king in part of the world.

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