Thinking about waiting for trains, online productivity tools, solutions & Smiles

Sitting in the station, waiting for the next train because I missed the previous one, what do you know, it was actually on time. I started wondering.. What if I pour all that time a day I spend waiting into blog posts? That should amount to a pretty interesting amount of blog posts..
Well.. A considerable amount of posts if nothing else..

So let’s look into that 🙂

I’m in Brussels but weirldy, that coffee place where I do the waiting is perfectly shielded both from all kinds of mobile data as well as the various WiFi networks around. And it doesn’t offer WiFi unlike its other venues. So catching up with all my perfect time wasters online is a no go.

But worse even, all work possibilities are also beyond reach. The only way these days I can work anywhere is if I synchronise before leaving & leave a bunch of tabs open.

I’ve effectively moved to the cloud. All ticketing systems are in the cloud, all servers (obviously), .. I don’t have the todo lists & even if I did, I don’t have the info.

This leaves me to wonder about my choices to set up like that. It also set my mind on horrible scenarios where I duplicate those services on my laptop, etc.. I guess I just didn’t decently take into account not having decent internet all the time..

I honestly need to fix or work-around this asap!

And in the mean while.. Let’s hope internet on trains & in public spaces gets better. 🙂

Insult to injury though.. On the train right now, another simple fact is that on this laden meat wagon train, I don’t even have the space to take out my laptop so that excludes any serious writing, coding, etc anyway :/

I’ll look into plugins for the ticketing system that ‘ll allow me to take things offline & maybe some advanced use of Google Keep or, cloud forbid, Evernote.

Couple of rules for the writing while waiting on trains posting though..
1. No mentioning public transportation
2. Post while getting on the train.

And to end on a positive note, let’s all smile 🙂
Just Smile!

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