On a train, not entirely sure the doors will open when I get to where I’m going.

On a train. Again.

Last 3 wagons will not open where I’m going. When asking the conductor dude seconds after the automated message, he first looked befuddled. Then, after asking again, if this wagon was ok to get off in my destination, he looked again slightly confused, then barely restrained himself from shaking the clouds out of his head and said, yes, yes, this wagon will do for your destination.

This leaves me wondering. Did he take into account what the message just announced? Or did he just figure “yes, this train stops at your destination, can’t you read, it’s right up on the screen”. In all honesty, I did shake him by not needing to get by him to the bathroom and ask him questions instead.

Seems to be having a good time with those ladies though.

I’m supposed to be working now, damned!
Don’t waste my time, train!!

Although time was already wasted, the train was 5 minutes late and although considering those other trains it was late for and the fact that they were already up on the board, they didn’t mark it as 5 minutes late about 4 minutes after the planned time of departure.
I get the effort to improve delays on the board, but not marking them is just abusive.
If I had known I’d have had that coffee sitting down & working instead of dodging people trying to get to those 2 late trains that delayed mine.

aah yes.
A first in many rants to come, I fear.

If the absolutely flaky internet will allow me. The plan of working on the train will be more difficult than ever conceived.

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