Sideloading my Ouya

In a short reprise of the situation, I discovered the Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator, the Android version. Last time I checked there was a beta, now its available on the market! It’s fun a fun game, several players and a server that hosts the thing and shows the main view. Fun.

I wanted to have that main view on the biggest screen in the house and Android devices don’t easily hook up over HDMI and I don’t have Miracast, so I was considering running it on the laptop with wine, etc.. (I think the graphics card of my Zenbook doesn’t agree with the 3D though)

So I figured I had an Android box that HAS HDMI, My OUYA! And it only needs to run the viewscreen and host the game, so purrrfect! 🙂

The game isn’t available on their market though, so I needed to pull something to get it on there. When sideloading software, I figured I might as well just finally sideload the Android market and have whatever available, instead of just Artemis!

So I ran a couple of (convenient single click) hacks!

And they all worked like a dream 🙂 Some steps are to be followed on the individual pages, but all in all it’s all pretty straightforward 😀

Good fun!

The Artemis app however isn’t all sunshine. It crashes, a lot. Mostly when I interact with some items.
But! When I just start the server, don’t try to change the settings (though I greatly prefer Jump over Warp!!) it works like a dream on the big screen 🙂 I do hope they fix those crashes :/

This was a very very quick post. Typos may have occured 🙂

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