My phone died and I wan’t those 6.6gb of pictures

I desperately want those pictures. The hotel wifi was not up to uploading the load of awesome shots (like those amazing panoramas I did) so I have a flaky  few days of pictures, some are there, others aren’t. And I want them all, obviously. Maybe I’d be happy if there were some for all days, but the last 4 days are plainly missing 😦

So, a brain dump of where I’m at right now.

  • My Nexus 4 won’t boot anymore.
  • The phone won’t start past the glowing X. Just does that for literally hours. It wen’t flat and reloaded totally and no difference.
  • The glowing X doesn’t answer to ADB yet. (Or did I forget to enable dev USB mode? Don’t know.. Might be the case though.)
  • The phone is locked state
  • The phone has stock recovery
  • The phone only has internal storage.
  • Can’t use adb to copy the photos
  • Can’t use fastboot to copy data off the device
  • Can’t use fastboot to flash clockwork because the phone is locked
  • Unlocking the phone will wipe all data
  • Stock recovery only offers the option to sideload a zip via adb or wipe data
  • Stock recovery sideload mode doesn’t accept any other adb commands
  • Tried to wipe cache in a move of desperation. Maybe this’ll let it boot again?


That’s it I think. Maybe more as I think of shit. Jup. That’s it so far.

I’m honestly stuck at the moment.
It looks like that data is lost to me 😥


Got to appreciate the security done right though. If nothing, at least that.

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