The Social Network.

I finally played it in the backrgound while doing important stuff..
Soon turned out I can’t do this without a commentary thread.
So, without any logic except chronologic (haha, no, that was sad)

  • See? Zuck’s a creeper!
  • ah yes. classic software project error. Spending too much initial time on the source data set. One repository of pictures would have been ok to start with.
  • A DJ running Serato on a laptop at a party. That’s an awful anachronism.
  • I like emacs less now because it’s mentioned here
  • One could think I’d like the guy more because of emacs, but no.
  • Also, the emacs, perl script techno babble isn’t something to think too hard on.
  • and nobody “breaks out the emacs”.  Real users just always have it there.
  • I never even met anyone who even had markers to write math on windows. Let alone does it.
  • at least the linux looks convincing. Though that’s a weird way to track traffic.
  • also, the network center and the guys watching it and the TVs and the more traffic than during superbowl..  No.
  • Girls aren’t impressed by making money fast, they said at the start. Cute lawyer girls aren’t impressed by page loads per hour either.
  • finding a computer on your network that’s misbehaving within 4 hours AFTER IT KILLS YOUR NETWORK is not impressive. to anyone.
  • Not going to hate on his business morals.
  • Trying not to hate on his social skills either. Not easy.
  • 2004. That means the anachronisms are anachronisms. pff
  • cats that look like hitler are hot. apparently.
  • Sopranos reference.  hot.
  • “Do I have your full attention. [no] Do I deserve your full attention?” One to remember.
  • Money buys clothes. Or more importantly in this case, people that tell you what clothes to wear to not look stoopid
  • that french was not good enough. even though c’est un jolie fille indeed.
  • “That’s not the point. Please arrive at the point.” rich.
  • Funny how people seem to care about how old buildings are there. Older buildings here, never heard anyone here say something like that.
  • If a dude wants you to do inane tests to work for him. You probably don’t want to work for him.
  • lol. The throwing beer bottles to the lady and her repeatedly not catching them was fun.
  • “i’m ceo, bitch”
  • the disco scene was annoyingly loud
  • and the rowing scene, while visually etc cool, was boring.
  • acting like a dick and canceling all credit is dickish. And that’s not good if you’re on the wrong side of the creative line in the company
  • hahahahahahahaha even the guys in facebook don’t know how to do shit with facebook. That should tell them something.
  • psycho girl is psycho
  • “remember the algorithm on the window in ..” THAT’s  A LIE!! Nobody Does THATTT!!
  • Don’t know why the guy is telling the meeting what his crap was diluted down to. I’m sure they all know, I’m sure that’s on some paper in there, … wtf.
  • hahahah. Get your entire team arrested, much?
  • nothing yet about only eating what he kills himself.
  • more about being a psycho.
  • Haha, twins signed an NDA. That means this movie is the clean version and the truth is a lot lot more entertaining.
  • hahaha valued at $25b that was before they went public 😀

Good. Now I’m really ready to clean up mah Facebook 🙂
.. well, actually that’s BS, but I’m going to start using it more again.
Not looking forward to it though, but I’m sure I must be able to find a selection of settings where I can  actually use the thing without drowning in inane updates (“everone played sheeple click 17”, a million times) and without being raped, privacy wise, any further than necessary.

I rated the movie an 8 on IMDB. It’s rated at a 7.9. It’s just a very well made movie. Not saying the story is so special or the facebookery. But it’s entertaining.

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