Why I shop Google Music

I like buying music. I bought a lot of CDs and contrary to some people I have a wad of CDs. Nothing out of the usual though, a few shelves.
But I grew tired of buying disks, rippint them to digital and never touching them again. I only listen to digital files, I don’t have a decent CD player anymore, if I want to listen to one of those CDs it d have to be in the car, on the PS3 or on the external CD drive for my laptop because even that thing doesn’t have a sodden CD drive anymore. I seldom even use the external one.

Ive been looking for a decent place to buy music digitally, but – as you can see in the many rants on here – it was a long, tough and ultimately frustratingly fruitless search. I used eMusic for ebooks for a while, but the music offering was extremely lacking. There are other places to go, but I require DRM free downloadable files. Not many do this.

Since the Google Music store works here though, I’ve bought 3 cds and am loving the experience.

I bought the new Ozark Henry and am not loving it. I might delude myself that I’d give away or sell that physical disk, not liking it, but looking at the collection, I really don’t usually do that. I bough the new Korn because HELLYEAH and I wanted to listen to it and … Then I decided to keep the spending in check and wait a month. And this is where that decision gets put aside and where I really really love the service!

Some very dear friends of ours recently got married! They had the same wedding DJ as we had, not by coincidence, he’s one of my other very dear friends. (He’s not a real wedding DJ though, he’s just a DJ, radio program and all who, once in a while, spins disks at the occasional wedding) So I expected him to play our opening dance. (That’s Walking in Memphis, by the way, a very very fun song to dance to!) And this is where it all goes to pieces, he didn’t have the song with him! Absurd in these days of digital music, considering he uses Serato, but he recently “upgraded” to a mac and apparently storage is lacking? Quite the upgrade. But I digress.


All the technology in the world and I was going to miss our song that night? Don’t fucking think so!
Google music to the rescue 🙂

  • I opened the music service, bought Rhino Hi-Five: Marc Cohn for €2,99. (fuck the not spending more money, this is an EXCEPTIONAL situation!!)
  • Then I tethered my phone data via wifi to the Apple machine,
  • opened up https://play.google.com/music/,
  • located the newly bought record and downloaded it to the DJ’s setup.
    • (Copyright trolls, fuck off, he has the song in his CD collection about 10 times, he just forgot the disk and I lent him mine. Mind your own.)
  • #InternetWin
  • THEN I lied to my wife about the song just not being there
  • and a while later, she was very surprised to hear it start playing 🙂

We had a nice dance. People stopped to watch & that’s always nice 😉


So yes.
I like gMusic a lot. Buying from my phone, downloading DRM free MP3s.
Take notes, rest of the providers. Or don’t I dont care.

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2 thoughts on “Why I shop Google Music

  1. The only thing I seem to be missing is the ability to listen to full tracks without buying them. Do they have a spotify like feature? If not I’m sticking with Spotify


    1. They launched something like that, but it’s USA only at this time. You can apparently do the proxy dance to get around it to activate, but it requires a creditcard with a USA address and I don’t have that (yet)
      I don’t know if it’s ready or good to replace spotify though; If you’re happy there…


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