12 angry men

Some thoughts, watching both movies.. The old ’57 version and the ’97 remake.

  • The old version has 8.9 on IMDB, the new one a mere 7.7 ; Good movie still, but the old one has a spectacular rating!
  • The ’57 version is awesome!
  • No women in the ’57 version..
  • The ’97 version has James Gandolfini πŸ™‚ Cool! And he let’s his boss do the supposin’ πŸ™‚
  • The new version has more diverse jurrors, black and white, still no women, no indians though
  • The old version has a very young indian boy as the perp, the new boy looks older and hispanic
  • More old people in the new version!
  • The “not guilty” juror has more charisma in the old version..
  • The dialog is very similar, nice. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in a play πŸ™‚
  • Edward James Olmos!!! Cool πŸ™‚ (new version) And he’s the watchmaker πŸ™‚
  • 96 minutes vs 117 minutes, how the hell did they make the new version that much longer? Do people talk that much slower these days?
  • There is more anger.
  • And new “encadrage” in modern times
  • More “technical events” in the new version
  • More of a racism thing in the new version. To be expected, but none the less.. Several of those extra minutes went to more racism. They even took the racism that was already there and cranked it up by a 1000..
  • The 21 extra minutes are apparently bathroom conversations. hmm..
  • Woot, indignant Edward James Olmos πŸ™‚ “I kan tok like tat to yu!” nice!
  • They really made use of that bathroom. Pitty though it didn’t need the extra room.
  • The old version had very interesting examples of leading the group out of a dead end. The new version has more strong characters that take the lead and evade the dead end. This is actually a pitty. It’s interesting to see those
  • ooh, the new version adds extra suspense with Juror #12 actually saying guilty again. pff Or did I miss that in the original?


Very very good movie!

Though in general I prefer the old version. I have to agree with the IMDB scores. As usual.

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