I want an E-Reader device, really, I do. Yet I keep going over the list of potential devices, the Kindles, Kobos, Nooks and even the more obscure ones and I keep missing the functionality that would really make the deal for me. I’m not talking about Color e-ink by the way. It irks me that no e-reader manufacturers have bothered implementing the color E-Ink even though it exists, even though that weird windows driven student thing has color e-ink. But I’ve gotten over that. I would be content with a regular e-ink model and even though the lighting tech would be a plus, it wouldn’t factor into the decision. (much.) And I’m not talking about their outrageous selling limited book licences instead of actual books principles. Those are only good for Amazon and maybe the publishers, everyone else loses.

Though in looking at these devices, it struck me, my problem with them is that they are all essentially dumb devices. One trick ponies. And as far as I’m concerned, one trick too few.
My base requirement is reading epub files. I’ve got some epubs on the storage downstairs and I want to start by reading those. I obviously don’t want to jump through hoops to get them there and honestly, would prefer them to be fetched over Wifi from a Calibre server.
Which kind of links with a second desiderata; I want the books to synchronize the current page between devices. I read a lot on my phone when I’m waiting in line, but when possible, I prefer reading on a bigger screen and, well, .. e-ink. The Kindle does this. But only for the books you bought in their store. And their app takes forever to start on my Android phone, which is a deal-breaker too.. Can’t wait too long for a book to open when I’m waiting for the elevator. My reading apps of choice are Aldiko and of late Moon Reader and both these apps have functionality for syncing between devices; I want one of those devices to be an e-ink reader.
Though today I would have wanted to sift through a log file on it and with most devices so far, that would have been a weird experience at best.

We all scoff at the feature phones, in this era of smart phones; yet we all fawn over e-ink readers that offer rudimentary reading options at best. We kan twist and turn to try and make them work for our situation. And when that reaches its limits, claim that it’s a feature that helps us focus on reading and takes way distractions, not a bug by design. (It’s what apple tried with the iPod shuffle and I still kinda hate them for having the gall to market that.)

But in the end, these e-ink devices are all unimaginative, locked down reading devices that barely offer any of the awesome e-Ink applications that anyone with a modicum of imagination could produce.

I still want one though. Preferably soon. And running Android. And more of the above.

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One thought on “E-Ink

  1. And this is what happens when I’m writing half asleep. Pretty words like modicum, gall, scoff and fawn. Interwoven in the stupid mistakes like “kan” instead of “can” and bad text flow like the “Though” in the last part of the second paragraph. Its a special mix.
    But I’m not editing this piece, it ‘ll have to stand there as a reminder for me that I should always write when I can’t clearly think about it all and that I _have_ to redact it afterwards, when I can. I guess that’s just my process.


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