Ubuntu 12.10

Seeing some really really annoying install errors!



and more. So far linux-image-extra-3.5.0-17-generic, initramfs-tools – Synaptic says they have been installed though.. hmmm.. And it looks like the kernel is in /boot.
The process itself is a bit dubious too.. They tell you to stop using the machine, they do annoying shit like silently switching your keyboard layout during the process, but they do require you to freqyently answer questions. I can’t just walk away and let it upgrade, there is frequent user interaction required. Wondering what the usability expectation here is. Do they expect you want to just watch the upgrade, content to answer a question once in a while? And just watch, not to use the system at that time. Weird.

Im wondering if this ll kick me back to Unity or if Ill get my prefered Gnome Shell after reboot.. And I did. Hooray!

Weird crash reports at first boot. Not pretty!
Also, the gnome extensions seem to be disabled/missing. – Ah, no they havent, just the incompatible ones. Sadly, 4 out of 5 are incompatible.
Also, the keyboard lay-out is ok again.

Im afraid to say it at this stage, but so far its looking like a relatively painless upgrade!
On the other hand, doesn’t look like much happened, the most obvious so far is the Gnome update.. Checking the release notes.. Nothing to see there though.

The new notification bar down the screen is a bit weird but very modern.

There is apparently a feature to make sites into standalone apps (wondering if that concept ‘ll work this time around) but I don’t see how. I’ll look at it later I guess.

This is looking like a hassle free update; Don’t get me wrong, they should all be like this, but the last few years, they just didnt deliver anymore! very very happy!

Although some people are apparently experiencing weird problems..

Haven’t noticed any gvfs problems myself…….

Good and bad; The synaptics touchpad on my Asus Zenbook is better supported. The Click+Drag works out of the box, the right mouse works with click and two finger tap, .. this is better than before. What does however NOT work is the middle mouse button click. And that’s annoying as hell. I’m’a look at fixing that 🙂

Oh my, this is an annoying one! The brightness control seems broken. Its dark here now. I need to tune down this horrendous light blaring in my eyes. ITS HORRIBLE! TOO FUCKING SHINY!!! – Nevermind all that, Gnome Shell gave a crash warning, apparently part of the shell stopped working. The brightness works now.

One important happy improvement; the startig speed of LibreOffice is amazing! Where it was unbearably slow before, the current version starts like any normal program 🙂

Looks like the awesome crash handling of before is lacking a bit. Just encountered a weird bug where mouse clicks weren’t passed on to the applications! The gnome shell elements worked OK, but none of the apps received the clicks. Logging out apparently solved this.

Auto posting this brain dump on Oct 24th.

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