On being knowledgeable about life versus living

A quote from “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator”. Quote by Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert Merton :  

 The interested and informed citizen can congratulate himself on his lofty state of interest and information and neglect to see that he has abstained from decision and action. In short, he takes his secondary contact with the world of political reality, his reading and listening and thinking, as a vicarious performance…. He is concerned. He is informed. And he has all sorts of ideas as to what should be done. But, after he has gotten through his dinner and after he has listened to his favored radio programs and after he has read his second newspaper of the day, it is really time for bed.

A though that I often have though not nearly as elegantly worded, about those people who get up, read newspaper, start checking Facebook for the rest of the day, read de metro, check news sites, watch the evening news on all channels, watch panorama or the like and go to bed. Aren’t you guys missing out on life?
Trading experiences for sensationalism, suffering and fear mongering about the near and the very very distant world around you?

Those interested should check out the BBC documentary called “How TV ruined your life” I’m sure they’ll broadcast it on Canvas some time. Ironically.

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