The official Dwars Door Mechelen results!

The results are in, I finished 1717th with a nice 0:56:33 time! Barefoot & with a backpack.
And huge congratz to my 2 fellow runners as well!

The results will also be on tomorrow, including the recorded finish and official stats: 56:34minutes, 5:50 m/km, 10.29 kmph.
And this is my run, thanks to MyTracks and my Android phone..

Some things I noticed.

  • Nobody runs with a backback. And when you do, people seem to consider that extra hard.
  • Nobody runs barefoot. (except me)
  • When people see someone running barefoot, they think you forgot your shoes
  • When people see someone running barefoot slowing down and messing with the backpack, they figure you’re finally taking your shoes.
  • When people see someone running barefoot , they wonder if it hurts. (it doesn’t)
  • When people see someone running barefoot after 7+km, they congratulate you and wish you luck or congratulate you. (very nice, thank you!)
  • Barefoot running has the extra issue that when its cold, your lower leg muscles need to warm up decently, this was a problem the first 3km. After that it was ok.
  • The barefoot running in the cold problem was aggravated by the slight rain at around 4km. This cooled my feet even further.
  • I ran the first 5km without a sweat
  • I ran the total 10km without a problem on a stamina level
  • My knees did protest after 7km, though nothing compared to the problem after those 2km with shoes earlier this week.
  • After 8km, I felt blisters forming on my feet but visual inspection was OK so I finished.
  • I believe the blisters are only because of lack of training. I had not run more than 3km barefoor before.

So, barefoot running was a great experience.
I don’t feel like taking it beyond 10km at the moment, but 10 km is a very good distance to run. No sweat 🙂

As for the now.. There is some big blistering on my feet and my knees are slowly recuperating. I have no idea why the blisters are there, but I noticed the difference in running after about 8km and that was right after the parts with the gravel and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the problem. Gravel is not the friend of a barefoot runner. And there was a kind of fine gravel too and that was horrible! Other footing was quite ok..

My goal was to finish. I expected to run it under the hour. So I am very happy 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The official Dwars Door Mechelen results!

  1. Nice running! Ik loop zelfs niet zo snel op schoenen! Deze week ga ik nog ff lopen hier op reis. We zien wat het geeft.


  2. I’ve kinda decided I want to finish in the first quartile or rather even the first 500 next time I run 10km.

    Admittedly, another stupid idea, just like the 5km and the 10km barefoot were. Let’s not let that stop us though.. This year, nr 500 ran 44:05 minutes, at a feasable 13.20kmph. A bit more than the 10.29kmp that I ran this year and much less than the 19.32kmph that the winner ran.
    But I guess this ll take some training. (yes, contrary to what I did so far) Maybe I should aim at comfortably running 14kmph.

    let’s do this 🙂


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