I just signed up for free @coursera online #gamification , #stats1 & #soc101 classes

Continuous learning is very important and this looks Fun!

Checking out 3 classes;

I’m very curious about how this will all work! 🙂
The Stats should be a nice refresher course & Gamification will hopefully prove to be Very interesting!

The Sociology class is 2 weeks underway and is great, the interface impressive. The interface offers Video Lectures, Weekly Live Seminars, Discussion Forums, Course Readings & the Syllabus. The lectures are split up into several video’s. And the video’s are available as a HTML 5 player and flash player and offer features like modifying playing speed and subtitles. The video files are also downloadable as mp4 files with separate text and srt subtitle files. Class debates are organised with a selection of students and via Google Hangout, view-able by anyone interested. Impressive!


Join me!

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4 thoughts on “I just signed up for free @coursera online #gamification , #stats1 & #soc101 classes

    1. You’ve got some catching up to do, laddy 🙂

      Ik kijk er naar uit om het erover te hebben; zeer interessant al so far & t zit allemaal zeer aangenaam in elkaar!
      Het er over hebben; in persoon of via blog, internet of andere technologie if need be!
      Keep me posted on den progress!


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