Opeth – Storm Corrosion

I remembered that Opeth has a new album right about this year so I went to have a look

And I pre-orederd Storm Corrosion (CD+DVD)

I cant wait πŸ™‚ I am very curious about the 5.1 tracks!

Being excited about the whole 5.1 thing, I remembered that the last Opeth CD I bought had a DVD included! So I checked the Watershed Wiki page; lo & behold, it has a 5.1 track! Guess what disk I’ll be playing next πŸ˜€


Disconcerting however, was discovering that I actually missed that they made another album last year!! Heritage, apparently. Though I was listening to it as I was ordering the new CD. I was trying this Grooveshark thingamajiggy and clicked the most recent album, without really considering the name, thinking I had put on Watershed. And honestly wondering how I could have missed the nice piano intro πŸ™‚ And remembering the album to be a lot heavier last time I listened to it ……

So! A whole Opeth adventure! (allright, that might have been an overstatement just now) resulting in a pre-order and the intention to buy Heritage ASAP πŸ™‚

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