Conversations: Trying to give money for digital content

I was talking to a nice person in publishing when he asked me the following question. I might have given him more of an answer than he bargained for.. A third in the conversation series (because I am SO interesting!)

Just out of curiosity, Where do you typically buy your ebooks?

Buying anything digital these days is plain painful. Mp3’s, audiobooks, series, movies, magazines, books .. though its already much better than half a year ago.

I’ve had the best luck with just buying from wherever the writer links me; generally the publisher site, though its always been somewhat of a search so far.. I bought an ebook from yesterday and it was a horrible experience. The torrents are much much easier, faster and cheaper.
I always consider Kindle too (the Kindle Android app) but I like to have a DRM free copy of the book at home; services like that may stop working some day and I don’t want to lose my digital bookshelf on that day.
For RPG related books I go to – the site has awesome service but its hard to separate the good and “less good” content. And some of the books there are just waaay too expensive.

I haven’t bought much ebooks yet though; I have a lot of books in dead tree edition and generally love paper books but lately I haven’t found the time to read on paper. On my phone however, I can just read whenever I have a few minutes to spare.

Auto posting this the 7th. I’ll add any replies I get between then and now and maybe even some links about the guy, the book, how long its taking me to finally get a digital copy and how long it would take me to just torrent it. I’m not sounding bitter here, I hope..
The guy is one of the good people; he’s going out of his way to sell me what I need! Its just such a very very frustrating situation.

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4 thoughts on “Conversations: Trying to give money for digital content

  1. Not an easy one to answer. Still went for kindle and using calibre to handle collection and de-DRM books.


    1. My main problem now is not the device; I like the kindle but I’m reading on my phone now & honestly still clinging a bit to paper books (I’ve got some of those)
      My biggest issue now is where to get the content. And I’ve looked at the kindle store several times and it just doesnt do.
      The digital market still has to mature, a lot


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