my horribly distracted mind

I was thinking about something; working a problem out. Listening to Jeff Bridges with one ear – litterally, using one ear bud.

when a bike raced by.

I like bikes; bikes are nice.
good sound

great how a bike roaring away kinda like fades out at the end as it gets farther away.
why is that?
the sound kinda fades out – cant describe how but in a kinda sagging dropping curve. kinda like x^2 drawn out but inverse. and sagging. (already getting distracted along the lines of the mathematical equasion that would exactly cover this instead of the original content)
Probably not motor related; he’s probably still accelerating at the same rate etc
not road related either, there is a slope but I have heard that before with other roads

sound related then?
yes, sound related
so sound kinda travels at a curve like that – well, sound level drops like that.
and not all the tones seem to travel as well since the sound changes with the distance

Interesting, but it utterly took my thoughts away from what I was working on. (oh I hear another bike – trying to ignore it, it came towards me, that’s interesting too – partly successfully ignored. re-reading to catch the thread of what I was saying again) I should have listened to Jeff with 2 ear buds; that way I wouldn’t have heard that sound. And not been distracted. The predictable sound I can ignore to drown out the random sounds (several woman are walking down the hall. Sounds like heels, the low thick kind, not the spiky ones, more than one, walking from behind me to .. re-reading to catch the thread of what I was typing – hyper concentration rules but its not always attainable – I could use a coffee – first finish this; re-reading for real now) that distract me to no end.

and now I’m writing a blog post about it all.
– back to the original train of thought now! or coffee

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