Beard ~ Mutton Chops

Before leaving for vacation, noticed that Wolverine (in the movie) has a great beard!

Mutton Chops

I wasnt sure how its called so I checked the beard types guy blog and apparently they’re mutton chops! According to Wikipedia, they are an extension to side burns and sadly don’t merit a proper page.

So I gave it a try with Bert and the results are apparently ok! I’m not sure yet but people are telling me it looks good and I’m happy do do something else, I’ve had a goatee for so long..

Gert Schepens <— really proud of thi OMG ITS A HORRIBLE PHOTO!

Anyway; I now noticed that the Wolverine chops are slightly different to my cut in that they aren't just shaved down but slant to be narrower at the bottom than the mouth (look at the hotlinked image) and I'm thinking I might want to try that!!

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