Switched Mobile WordPress plugin

As I mentioned yesterday, I installed a dreaded Mobile plugin.

I first installed the WordPress Mobile Pack and while that worked, it didnt entirely do what I needed it to do.
It was very very extensive but it wanted to create an m.blog.cone.be for the mobi version and that just wasnt what I had in mind. I just want a skin over blog.cone that automagically shows on mobile devices and that has an off switch. I got it to show on blog.cone but then the off switch didnt completely work and since there is such a big difference in the approach I want and the plugin offers, I decided to replace it. Also I didnt like the look of the skin.

So today, after talking again to the instigator, @frlinux, I installed wptouch (an elegant touch theme for your WordPress) and I am (so far) much happier now!
It just loads the touch interface, its prettier, the on of button on the bottom works and is nice, …… The only thing I liked more about the previous one was to show a long excerpt for only the first post, but I dont mind that either. Its a good plugin!
So Im happy 🙂 And it feels ready.. Hooray


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