Finished Bleeding Hearts by Ian Rankin

(finished it yesterday night actually. A bit later to sleep than I’d planned but who here can put down those last 30 pages of a good book?)

She had just over three hours to live, and I was sipping grapefruit juice and tonic in the hotel bar.

It was probably the grapefruit & tonic, but I really liked this opener 🙂

I’ve been in a reading spree recently and honestly, it feels great to read again. I kinda lost that in the recent fuss around whatnot and it feels very good to be reading again 🙂

And I enjoyed Bleeding Hearts by Ian Rankin!
It was more action oriented than what I’ve come to expect from the Ranking stories and his art heist book, but that’s definitely not a bad thing 🙂 Good read!

Follow the man on Twitter @Beathhigh – funny thing, I started following him after he sent a very very deep #drwhisky tweet to @warrenellis!

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