apologies for the mobile interface

After much much “friendly asking” by people on twitter, I finally gave in and installed a mobile plugin for the blog.

which takes me to the apology part; I loathe mobile interfaces. I am always very Very much irked when one of those interfaces kicks in and utterly screws my user experience of that site. To the point of actively choosing not to have a mobile interface for my blog. Alas, today I caved under the neverending pressure and have joined the ranks. For people who share my feelings, please notice the “switch to desktop version” link at the bottom.

That being said, I do understand that the current layout is less than perfect for mobile viewing and I will try to have a more minimalistic blog skin, next time changes are made. Although I guess that doesn’t even matter anymore, since .. ultimately .. you now have your fookin’ precious mobile version!

Hooray for progress

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