Weird weight loss thing

Everyone always goes on about losing weight and how great it is; on stairs etc; to be thinner. I have never felt this so far.

I have no clue how much but I am now undoubtedly below 90. at 180cm thats still too much but considering the 98 I weighed some time in the past; Im doing GREAT πŸ˜€

And I am now feeling the first of those “less fat” consequences and Im not all that happy about it :/

I used to be able to just plow through about any physical activity. I grew that weight while running around in a Horeca job (working in a restaurant) so I am quite used to running up and down stairs, even when I weighed what I weighed. And I could do so without problems or having to consider anything.

I lost weight. And I feel the difference only while climbing. Ive gotten a lot stronger but every kilo is still a kilo less to drag up the mountain; the difference is undoubtedly considerable.

But I can also no longer just throw myself at physical activity; apparently in losing the weight I also shed my emergency energy supplies. I used to just get up; do whatever; go climbing and realize afterwards that I hadnt eaten yet. While John was telling me he really should eat before climbing if he wanted to put down a decent performance. These days if I go climbing at 6 without having at least something, I feel that! I feel weak and in dire need of energy.

And that; dear fictional reader; is apparently a consequence of not having my considerable fat reserves to rely on in those moments.
I can now imagine what those buff guys go through on Expeditie Robbinson (Survivor) when having to do physical stuff after a period of hunger..

Not sure if I really like that :/

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4 thoughts on “Weird weight loss thing

  1. heuh .. temporary … I guess Ill just grow used to it like anyone apparently has? If I keep the energy levels where they should be; Im ok. Its not Rocket Science; just decent nutritional habits πŸ˜€ aka what my mother kept going on about


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