Shared an elevator with some daft youth today.

Shared an elevator with weirdly suicidal youths today.

They were riding up & down, huddled in a corner, complaining about the cold (while there are very warm University buildings across the road ; I do believe they were students) The lift starts making horrible creaking noises & stops. They panic and start complaining loudly about how the lift maintenance sucks, how outrageous & dangerous it is that it doesnt work better and that this happened to them several times already today.

So they know the elevator is acting weirdly, breaks down frequently and is in a worrisome state.
Yet they keep riding it up & down on end.

Thats either suicidal or stupid.



Though I rather think it was a very inconsiderate joke (certainly considering they were nowhere near the buttons and were riding up with an old lady before I got in) – I presume they were huddling together in that corner and probably creating more movement to make the lift emit those noises and to make it stop.
To then watch the fear and panic in the people riding the elevator with them..
Trying to escalate the reaction by acting panicky etc themselves.

Glad to say they didn’t get much from me though;  I was just annoyed at the elevator and then wondering what demented morons you’d have to be to feel so panicked about the state of the elevator yet keep riding it.
Stupid prank. I guess you’d need some of that special pubescent brand of empathy to get it.


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2 thoughts on “Shared an elevator with some daft youth today.

    1. In de supermarkt met een kar valt het tegen om de trap te nemen. En meestal zijt ge er daar ook niet bij. Maar dus ja & ik kijk uit naar de volgende gij, ik, trap & volle kar moment!


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