Why do people preface posts with #dutch?

You know, that thing where people preface their non english tweets by the language the tweet will be in – like #dutch. Is there a #french? Same on the G+.. “(dutch) dit is nederlands” .. yeeeees ….

I dont get it.

  • Is it to warn their #dutch readers? Because they wont read your other language tweets? And because you figure they wont notice otherwise
  • Or is it to make sure the dutch speakers don’t have to figure it out for themselves?
  • Or is it because the english readers wont be able to figure out its NOT in a language they understand and risk losing 2 days of staring at your 130 character message before they do a hard reset from sleep deprivation? Until the next day where they try to figure out what went wrong and get into another “I can read the letters but I dont seem to remember that word.. maybe the next … maybe I need to start from the first word agaiin .. …..”
  • Or is it you want to be able to look for all dutch tweets on Twitter? And how disappointed are you when you realized that people who only tweet dutch don’t preface? Oops, did I spoil that for you?

I dont get it.

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