The retired micro.cone

Mirco.cone has been retired but the pictures haven’t 🙂

I’ve tweeted a wad of weird and exciting pictures but for this post I’ll leave the weary reader with this one; How PC books looked back when 🙂

Retro PC book

Yes, apples & oranges, a computer screen and a diskette!

and a Very nice picture of Viona 🙂

Viona & Vogel

Published by Gert


2 thoughts on “The retired micro.cone

  1. the thing was sitting in the middle of our back porch in the middle of the night; waiting to be eaten, honestly
    So viona went out to get it & keep it safe till tomorrow..
    The insane bastard started screeching in pure hatred; as if promising to kill her; eat her eyes and do the same to all the people she knew, the people they know, their kids and their kids kids. So no, SHE wasnt doing any violence or whatnot


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