Right; this wasnt supposed to be posted.. ok; lemme update this to have it make sense. Cant delete it now πŸ˜‰

Im glad to say, my networking plans FINALLY work!

  • eth0 – Telenet
  • eth1 – Guest Internet
  • eth2 – Virt server eth1
  • br0
    • eth3 – Popcorn hour
    • eth4 – file server
    • eth5 – xbmc
    • eth6 – Virt server eth0
    • eth7 – Wifi

Which also means that I got to take out 2 mini switches & a wad of cables! Hooray for less power πŸ™‚ Next up, lots of other stuff.

Though at least now I have the soekris running as I hoped and a wonderful XBMC machine running. Oh & the wifey can access the fileserver again (she relentlessly pointed the not being able to out to me. All The Time πŸ˜‰ )

kettlebell time!

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