the latest coding fit – items & qr javascript

I had a coding fit earlier this week

I needed a way to track magical items in my DnD campaign; something with a printout containing all the notes that I could just hand out to the players. So I decided I wanted a QR code on there with the hidden info. Want to know something about that item you found earlier? lemme scan the code! Yes. this isn’t very cheat safe, but its a game for adults, don’t spoil your own fun!
The project is live on and info is available on
Does what I need it to do and nothing more πŸ™‚ Little caveat; the preview item page doesn’t work correctly on my server. It uses parse_ini_string and that requires php >= 5.3.0 while my serv is on the previous version. Necessary updates when I find the time..

In the process I also realized that putting a QR code on a page is easy with jQuery; easier even than server-side using php! Neat little piece of code I want to have handy so its now on

Glad to have gotten that out of the system πŸ™‚

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