Setting Viona’s Hero free!

First step completed today; installing a decent recovery image 🙂

The Hero method of flashing through ADB didnt really work; I guess the wiki info is old or whatever.. A quick search turned up a forum post of a guy saying to install the clockwork rom manager (althouh I like Amon Ra better.. more options in the menu 😉 ) and to root it using the one click UniversalAndroot app!

So I got the (apparently to some degree depricated) UniversalAndroot app from XDA (gotta love XDA) & one click rooted the mofo

gotta love installing packages via adb too!

gert@Benedict:~/Downloads$ adb install UniversalAndroot_1.6.1.apk
530 KB/s (330428 bytes in 0.607s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/UniversalAndroot_1.6.1.apk

Then installed Clockwork Rom Manager (amazing piece of software) & recovery

& made a backup from clockwork recovery 🙂

Next is to push the CM data. Again, adb to the rescue; for when you just dont feel like mounting USB 😉

gert@Benedict:~/Downloads$ adb push /sdcard/
1349 KB/s (59680864 bytes in 43.181s)
gert@Benedict:~/Downloads$ adb push /sdcard/
1351 KB/s (19701115 bytes in 14.238s)

Voiding Waranties – Ready whenever you are 😉

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