Preferred email app: gmail

My darling wife has a new laptop and uses gMail all the time, used to do the t-bird but will probably go all the gMail way soon!

Unity has the dash (press the super key, most laptops have the Windows logo printed on there, to open) with some nice big touch friendly links and I want gmail there!

There’s an app for that: gnome-gmail
there is a problem there with 11.04 though, as this wont show up in the preferred applications menu

Ask Ubuntu has the question in its pages: Changing eMail application in preferred applications and offers the following:

edit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list :

You need to add the line to the [Added Associations] list and after that the option will be available to you in the “preferred” dialog!

The huge gMail icon looks Awesome there 🙂

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