I canceled my gym subscription today!

Well, technically yesterday at the date of posting.

And I feel a bit sad about it.
Going to the gym held that magical feeling of improvement. Fixing my out of control body weight and failing stamina. Several years of pure desk jockey lifestyle taking its toll. It really went downhill after I stopped serving pizza in that restaurant. So I was always happy to train! Escaping everything, stepping out of the rat race and just going for it. (Running on my human sized treadmill. the irony.)

But the gym time is over.
I paid my Bleau bouldering subscription earlier this month and I got myself a kettlebell for ballistic training in between.

The bouldering and the kettlebell had me wondering about my goals at the gym. The free weights seem very dull when comparing them to kettlebells and the machines were nice but seem limited now. Not to mention that I had to quit certain exercises, and as a result whole muscle groups, because of simple climbing related injuries. Understandable but not good none the less.
That leaves me with the cardio machines. The treadmills, walkers and bikes. Nice and interesting but I soon attained some sort of physical ceiling. I couldn’t go over certain achievements because it would lead to minor injury that meant I couldn’t work out for some days. Not too bad but not good either when you’re trying to attain a goal. This forced me to realize that these just weren’t suited for my specific body and needs.
Which means I couldn’t come up with a decent training schedule for the gym. It was time to quit!

The benefits over the last year (about 13 months) have been enormous. I lost weight and built that basic stamina and strength that I wanted. I didn’t feel like pumping my body in the gym to stupid muscular feats and while I would have liked to build the stamina to an impressive level, it just wasn’t for me. That being said, I started going to the gym with a goal and I am happy that I am well on track 🙂

On a side note; I am Very happy with Jims Fitness in Gent! They gave great equiptment, both for cardio and muscles, their price is affordable (21 a month for unlimited access), their showers and dressing rooms arent perfect but certainly good enough, I had no problems with their administration and the cancellation process was painless! I wondered about canceling my subscription as some gyms make it notoriously hard to do so. They advertised earlier that they don’t  pester people and I am glad to say it was painless. I called to inform and they told me I would have to come in, sign a paper and that would be it. They also told me that if I came in “today or tomorrow” I wouldnt have to pay September anymore. Very friendly since it was the 30th of August! So I went in, showed my passport, signed a paper and that’s it. 31st of September is my last day as a member of a gym! Tnx for the improved body!

Im also glad to say that today, for the first time in a long while, my weight was 88 – 89kg! Still on track 🙂 Tnx Fitness, Bouldering and Kettlebells!


On to a better body with new & updated challenges 😉

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