I borrowed a Wii Fit board last week


I had high expectations. Also we borrowed our scale to my grandmother and I was trying to keep somewhat of an eye on my weight.

So I connected the thing to my phone. Wiiscale. Works nice but flipping the sucker to its back to sync etc is a nuisance. Also it wont work on my dearest’s Hero phone. So in the end, that suckt.

I also tried Wii Fit and that Shaun White Snowboarding game (no links here, dont feel too proud to Google it yourself) and in short those suck too.
Wii Fit kept telling me to take poses that REALLY hurt my knee (somewhat of a weak point of mine) and other than that there were silly games that were in no way fun. Maybe if the balance board allowed for a more spread pose, more natural to me…. but still..
The snowboarding game was nice in a way but didnt resemble snowboarding enough. I kept on trying to do subtle movements that really do a lot on a snowboard, but the balance board cant pick those up either, so …

I also wanted to connect it to my linux box, its Bluetooth after all, but I don’t see the point anymore. It ll barely do more than be a scale; and the other uses, many as the undoubtedly are, are of no use whatsoever to me.

I did like that the Android Wiiscales app syncs my weight to Goog Health. But they’re discontinuing that and there s still the thing with the having to hit the sync button each time. I’d probably use it if it just involved kicking the button on the front and standing on it

So Im disappointed.
It sucks.

Please comment if you can advise any experience to persuade me of the contrary but I (highly) doubt it

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