The unholy DPD Mess

During the last year, I twice had the pleasure of receiving packages via DPD, Parcel services without frontiers.

They do delivery. No problem there. They’re fast. No problem there either.. They deliver ON TIME and THAT sucks a lot! Their interpretation of delivery is literally “On Your Property”. That translates to “Somewhere in your front yard” or “thrown over some yard fence” or whatever. They also do not bother notifying you when they throw your expensive item anywhere on your delivery address.

That means that your expensive item may just be out in the rain or be stolen or what not.

I worried about this the first time. An nice copy of The Curse of Lono by Hunter S Thompson; Super big Tashen edition.
That I found thrown out in my front lawn. By accident a day after it was probably delivered. Not even a note or whatever in the mailbox. I was EXTREMELY lucky to find it before it started raining, luckily it was somewhat of a dry period.

There is no “dry period” right now.
Its been raining bloody Cats & Dogs the last few days.
And that was bad news for that kettlebell I ordered last week.

The kettlebell is allright; the instruction booklet on the other hand..
The carton box started melting; the booklet is soaked and they must have thrown it on god knows what while throwing it over my gate into my backyard because both the box and the booklet have an enormous tear!
Not to mention the concept of blindly throwing a 12kg block of metal into someone’s yard! Yes yes; there was carton around it, CARTON! That would have saved the occasional cat running around from being crushed and slowly dying.

DPD Mess (Aug 13, 2011)

In short!
Don’t use DPD if you care at all about your package or the people you are sending it to!

Edit: A follow up.
I mailed my Kettlebell seller & they sent me a new booklet! They also told me they have no problems with DPD in general and suggest it must be a problem with the local delivery guy..
So I guess he’s just an asshole.
They ll take it up with DPD though and I guess the A-hole will hear of it soon enough.

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