cacheing the IP in

I have the code for my automatic Oberon login thingy on ; It if I need local or remote login into my router at home and if remote, retrieves my home IP from my jopin (thingy that remembers IP addresses for me)

Time goes by and scripts get updated. If Jopin is out (servers have hickups) I cant get an IP address so I put some “write timestamp & ip to file” logging in. But I forgot about that file so I put in an extra line to use the last IP address from that log file, to that we can still try to connect to that when we dont get a fresh one from Jopin (or whatever you use)

And that update is on now too, so go check it out if you care for any whatever reason you might have!
I still think its an awesome bit of automation right there 🙂 And why I need to log into that machine that often?? Because it runs crap for me. That I need daily. And use via commandline & ssh & screen. Ok; its for my irc client *mumble mumble*

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