After reading Wanted as a comic

I can almost taste the excitement amongst fans when a film was anounced

and the disappointment after actually watching it




The utterly over the top story; the unapologetic violence;  the utter lack of norms; the sickening badguys; the 80s heroes vibe
It feels like something ready for the  most brutal and cool movie in a while; backed with Hollywood money….. fuck yeah!

Angelina Jolie as The Fox? Morgan Freeman in there somewhere? That sick car stunt in the trailer?
Hot damn! This ll be gold!


’till you see the lame assassins society. He’s not butchering cattle but trying to shoot around uncooked meat; there is no council but some society; there are no murderers but assassins, there is no “I Fucking Do Whatever I Please” but a bloody Loom printing random shit and dictating whatever fucker needs to die next (yes, a whole fucking secret society to kill some guy once in a while!); there is no multiverse and not even a but for this one; there is no mad scientist guy but a Monk (yes; re-read that last word. A Fucking Monk.); And that big fucked up reveal ending? forget about that one too. Morality roars mightily and the movie dad wants Wesley to live a life without violence. FUCK! I think we can all imagine what The Killer & Fox would do to anyone related to this project; luckily for them, they’re only make-believe and even if not, they might encounter their morality soaked versions instead and end up raising baby cattle together! And thats AFTER the writers stomped on the original “too tame” and “Americanized” script!


That being said..

The movie is worth while; not bad at all… I enjoyed watching Wanted; secret super-powered loom driven assassins & all! I even liked the whole dark “eastern-europe” style thing; the freaky healing baths; steampunk styled loooong distance bullets; etc.. I even like that the movie is more focused than the comic. The comic tries to go everywhere; the huge cover-up, the multiverse, the freaky monsters and creations, .. While the basic idea, as offered in the first issue (I think), is a setting for an Extremely exciting and gripping read too!

So read Wanted, the comic, too! (TODAY!!)

Just dont read wanted before seeing it and if you already did, imagine you’re going to watch a movie named anything but Wanted.. that seems to have stolen some ideas from a comic you once read. An awesome comic, and they stole cool ideas. Just ignore the pages on wikipedia where it says these 2 products of modern society have anything to do with each other..

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