The demise of Facebook has started!

The demise of Facebook has started! This video chat thing heralds the first step in trying to catch up with technology that companies like Google just launch out of the blue.

I just tried to use Facebook Video and failed on many many levels. First it didnt want me to use Chrome; then in firefox it offered the try it button and when I did I didnt get the necessary camera window.
Luckily I had also asked a (windows-ed) colleague to try and he did have the camera window, only when he clicked it he was prompted with download and install dialogues that offended his sensibilities about installing dreck on his frail system and decided against it.
I guess what FB wanted to tell me by the nothing happening is that they havent been able to create software for linux yet.

So fail for Facebook; 2 tech savvy users just failed to join your service where earlier we tested Google Plus Hangout and .. it just worked! (multiple persons at a time none the less!)

This seems to be the start of the era where they tack on new features to try and keep up with the rest; yet arent able to really polish or integrate those features and make them work on any decent level. We saw this with Yahoo and a number of other sites & technologies; guess its facebook’s turn.

Originally posted on G+
Repeated (with some difficulty due to status length limitations) on Facebook
Notice by the way how I CAN choose to post public on G+ but not choose to do that on FB. And no; you cant see my entire G+ profile; there’s quite some pictures of Aster on there and you wont be able to see those. – Also funny how G+ gives me https as a default and FB doesnt. Its a mentality thing

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