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I DM an ongoing DnD 3.5 game, play WFRP 3 and play/gm random stuff. As a GM, I would like a selection of tools to make my life easier; to help me do or track things that bug me otherwise. I also have several Android devices: a Nexus S and an Archos 101 and I would like them to help me. Two cool apps I found so far are Dice Bag (though I usually just roll the actual dice) and Spellbook – D&D 3.5 (because I forget and because its quicker than the book!) But I need more.

A quick brainstorm and look at what I do and dont yields an interesting list..

Random stuff

A random encounter with a certain Challenge Rating

A random group of enemy with a certain Challenge Rating

Magic items
Throw out a certain level random magic item

Generate a treasure within certain parameters like min/max # items, min/max lvl, gold worth

Generate a random NPC

Random Dungeon
Instant scenario blurb. This stuff would be Awesome! Zak has awesome ideas to do this on paper but trying to go paperless, or at least use the least possible paper, so software would be cooler..

Some of this I dont really need in a software version since I got the Vornheim City Kit, but there is some part that doesnt overlap and it would be nice to have that in software. Also; it would be nice to have Vornheim City Kit in software too 🙂


Combat Hitpoints
It annoys me to have to scribble on tiny pieces of paper to keep track of the damage being done.

I need some tool to handle my maps. I need to be able to show my players the maps on screen. And I need some sort of fog of war so that I can reveal parts and leave other parts obscured. And I need to be able to turn the motherfucker around & be able to zoom it all.

Randomly generated map for different environments (dungeon, forest, city, ..) I imagine these could be infinite; generate me a big city and the parts you havent been yet are generated on the fly! This shouldnt be too hard; an infinite dungeon / city / .. wouldnt be too hard..

I want to be able to prepare/create an image, maybe in some vector format..

scanned images
I want to scan images from those fancy scenarios I have (maybe clean them up some) and be able to use them.

There are already some tools available that do this; but most of them don’t do my specific flavor of DnD 3.5; so that doesnt work. And some other tools are just not compatible with my approach to note taking 😀

A lesson in the above is that only supporting one system is a problem to many. Supporting them all is impossible. So the only solution, really, is to make it independent of that data and to make the data easy to import!

So the search continues. And Im sure to find what I need either on the Market or in the dev pages..

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