Being published

I love the fact that I’m being published. I am lying on my bed in circumstances you don’t want too many details about, authoring a text on my telephone and when I click the button, my words will be published.

This is the power of the internet!

Its been said before, where it used to take persuading the powers that be for someone to get his words published, the internet has now given anyone with the mental capacity to figure out blogger and access to a computer a voice.
The founding hippies will say great things about the huge amount of new and exciting content this would lead to but disregarding the angsty teen poetry, not everyone actually has what it takes to write a decent blurb.

None the less.. I write tech articles, research topics I care about and publish these for anyone that’s marginally interested and able to use Google. I am planning an interview on people freezing their bodies instead of really dying and I write column style observations on whatever strikes my fancy.
Without having to persuade anyone that my person, my vision and my work are worth it. (What about quality? We’ve got the webs immense repository of wisdom and it’s inherent Darwinian selection to guarantee that)

I love being published!

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