The Same Page Tool

I heard about The Same Page Tool from the walking eye and immediately realized that this could have told us earlier that the player that left back when did not fit in the game..

So I sent it to the current players and I am very curious what will come of it! *Forward about a week* And these are the results! 🙂

The Players: Dirk, Nico, Tom, Zoet, Kenneth

Do you play to win?
a) Yes, you totally play to win! The win conditions are…
b) Good play isn’t a win/lose kind of thing
Dirk, Nico, Tom, Zoet

Good news I guess.. Though I think this doesnt matter really; If all were into it to Win Id have to provide clearer WIN conditions, but since most of them are not, the current scenario path will be OK, it has “win conditions” but none too rigid.

Player characters are:
a) expected to work together; conflicts between them are mostly for show
b) expected to work together; but major conflicts might erupt but you’ll patch them up given some time
Dirk, Tom, Zoet
c) expected to work together; major conflicts might erupt and never see reconciliation
d) pursuing their own agendas – they might work together, they might work against each other
Nico, Kenneth
e) expected to work against each other, alliances are temporary at best

I like the spread and I like how most/all expect internal conflict. Cool.
Certainly since I have made it abundantly clear that I don’t consider it my role to make their party work together. Any shit they want to pull, they can and if anyone doesn’t like it, they’ll have to resolve that (any way they like – Kill the problem if thats how the story has to go) without GM help.. (This doesn’t mean NPCs cant help, its just that I as a person won’t.)

The GM’s role is:
a) The GM preps a set of events – linear or branching; players run their characters through these events. The GM gives hints to provide direction.
Dirk, Nico, Kenneth
b) The GM preps a map with NPCs and/or monsters. The players have their characters travel anywhere they can reach on the map, according to their own goals.
Tom, Zoet, Kenneth
c) The GM has no plan – the GM simply plays the NPCs and has them act or react based on their motivations
Nico, Tom
d) There’s no GM. Everyone works together to make the story through freeform.
e) There’s no GM. The rules and the system coordinate it all.

I offer All of that 😀 I had potential for improvement but the Vornheim city kit has already helped me on that.

The players’ roles are…
a) …to follow the GM’s lead to fit the story
b) …to set goals for their characters, and pursue them proactively
Dirk, Nico, Tom, Zoet, Kenneth
c) …to fling their characters into tough situations and make hard, sometimes, unwise choices

ok; cool. You can feel free to tell me them goals; always good info!

Doing the smartest thing for your character’s survival…
a) …is what a good player does.
b) …sometimes isn’t as important as other choices
Dirk, Nico, Kenneth
c) …isn’t even a concern or focus for this game.
Tom, Zoet

Smart things aren’t always fun. Its about the fun. Hooray 🙂

The GM’s role to the rules is…
a) …follow them, come what may. (including following house rules)
Tom, Zoet
b) …ignore them when they conflict with what would be good for the story
Dirk, Nico, Kenneth
c) …ignore them when they conflict with what “should” happen, based either on realism, the setting, or the genre

If you start with the official body of rules, I have a lot of house rules changing them or even scrapping big parts. Other than that I dutifully follow the rules. Not all house rules have been written or set in stone though 🙂

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is…
a) …something that shouldn’t even happen. This is someone being a jerk.
b) …where the character becomes an NPC, right away or fairly soon.
c) …something the player and the GM should have set up ahead of time.
d) …only going to last until the other player characters find out and do something about it.
Dirk, Tom, Zoet, Kenneth
e) …a meaningful moment, powerful and an example of excellent play.

Would I ever do such a thing? In Ravenloft?
Will ask Nico about what he means with setting it up though..
I would be curious to see what something they would do about it though 😀


Tnx to all of you for taking the time to answer the questions 🙂 Though Zoet merely said “what he said” on Tom’s answers. Gotta love having players that care!

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One thought on “The Same Page Tool

  1. Cant help but think that this new post with page tool examples was at least partially written about this post.

    And I feel like at least writing some words in reply somewhere, so since the page doesnt offer comments; Ill do that here.

    I do get that using it a survey and trying to please every different opinion is a recipe for disaster. If you feel your group has problems & differences, you will need to talk things over, to get everyone on the same page.
    We’ve been playing this game for a while now. A year or 2. I know my guys and the one person that did have a different view left long ago. (we all miss him but its better, he wasn’t happy in the game.) We added some players a while ago but I’ve been playing with them for years and I knew what page they’re on. We all have fun and we all know what kind of game we want.
    So when I sent this to the guys, I wasn’t looking to solve anything and I wasn’t expecting very different opinions. And I don’t feel I got too different.
    So although I mightn’t have used the questionnaire as intended; I am happy with the way I used it.

    Tnx for the idea 🙂


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