A case for microblogging; my fridge door parts

I’m glad I use twitter etc.

A while ago I got a piece for our fridge door from a store. I need that piece again but I didnt find any data about it. No google contact, no whatever

So I did a google search and found the store and the tel nr.
But I dont remember the many nrs involved in identifying my fridge
My call log is copied to my google calendar using Call Track, making it infinite and searchable
Turns out I called them 16/10/10.
A search for that date turned up this twitter message, containing the info I needed.

gen Hunting fridge parts http://ur1.ca/23620

enabling me to call them immediately! (that being earlier at work, our working hours have full overlap :/)
They didnt pick up the phone however. grmbl.

Hooray for the internet, google, android and microblogging!

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