What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10

Zak from DnD With Pornstars wrote “What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10” recently and yes. I will play 😀

To roll a D10!

1d10: 9
9–Google up a random mini, then describe this fellow or lass as an NPC. Give us some hooks for him or her

After a cryptic Google Image search, I got this guy from some site called Necrotales.

Hidden in a maze of tiny alleys and streets only those few that really breathe the city know to find lies the Orchard of Talfes. The path there declines into somewhat of a pit that is the orchard and seems eternally covered by a white cloud. Strangers trying to approach the garden find their way blocked by an impressive wooden fence that seems to have grown out of the rock itself and has big boulders where the different parts of the fence meet, high above the ground. Anyone trying to find their way in finds that the orchard is surrounded by buildings yet weirdly unaccessible through or over them. The only way in is through a well hidden gate in the fence. Anyone trying to get in will find their way blocked by the keeper of the orchard; the trees are kept by Jeorst Dowornn,

The orchard trees exhale a constant stream of white smoke that utterly evaporates after a few meters. There are 5 trees in the orchard and they are the last of their kind as far as anyone knows. The trees a unique kind of wood that is infused with the essence of rock, making it stronger and heavier than normal wood yet not as fragile as rock would be, adding the flexibility of wood. The smoke rising from the branches of the living trees can be turned to rock in a special ritual known only to the keepers. Or keeper as there’s only one left.

Jeorst Dowornn is the last of the keepers. He can remember fragments of the orders history as a great and widespread organisation but bad oral history and flaky memory have blurred out all important details. The keepers know the secrets of the trees they keep and are able to prune the right branches to make the fine weaponry the Taflest name is known for. Or was known for as these weapons have grown rare. The keepers hold the secret, an alchemical concoction, to crystallizing the smoke around the extremities to form the stone parts. Jeorst himself has an ancient halberd style Talfest weapon and is very proficient in its use. The weapon itself was made by the keeper that trained him upon completion of his apprenticeship and holds great emotional value.

Talfest weapons are extra strong; they dont wear out as quick. They are heavier than normal weapons; using it gives a slight penalty in dexterity unless after specific training by a keeper or an experienced Talfest wielder. The keeper will be 50% quicker in training. The weapon does extra damage; +2 or whatever seems ok in your system. The wood is infused with some magical ability but the keeper has forgotten its use. When extensively studying the keeper while he is genuinely fighting for his life, some weird effects can be observed but you cant really figure out whats happening nor how exactly he does it. When asked, the keeper cant either.

The fence is of Talfest make and is near indestructible. The magical properties of the wood make it extra strong and resistant to damage.

* You need to procure a Talfes weapon
* You need to steal a tree so that it can be planted in a rich mans garden / a weapon masters workshop / .. You’ll have to figure out how to make this tree grow outside of the grove
* You need to destroy the orchard. The orchard has ill effects on the environs / the city council wants the space for fresh development / a rivaling order has a Talfes tree and wants the monopoly.
* You need to find a mythical 6th tree high on a mountain / wherever really. I’m not sure if there should even be a 6th tree anywhere.
* You need to find a fresh keeper as the old keeper is going to lay down with the trees for his eternal rest soon
* A crime was committed and a Talfes weapon was used; Jeorst is the prime suspect

And thats that.

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