And a 3 on the d10 for the fun of it..

Zak from DnD With Pornstars wrote “What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10” recently. I rolled a 9 and did that. but I also felt like doing a quick three.

3–Four things you wish you want more of in your campaign, four things you wish you had less of. Or, if you can;t do that, tell us why you can’t. Is your campaign perfect? Rock–tell us why you think it’s humming so well.

Things you wish you want More of in your campaign (Im going to assume the “you wish you want” part is a typo)

  • Seriously scared or at least unsettled players
  • Practical Fun cursed items. One can think of many but its only in the right game, situation and players hands that they become FUN
  • Progress!! I read scenarios about 100x faster than the players complete them. Soo many cool ideas so little progress. Not that my players aren’t good or fast or whatever, its just the nature of the hobby 🙂
  • voices. I’ll admit to having to do more voices. It d enrich the experience and clarity for everyone but I just cant. I’m not good at keeping them up and ……… Maybe I’ll try ..

Things you wish you had Less of.

  • Random maiming at stupid moments (seriously, you know who you are)
  • Rules. I don’t like rules. They are a means to the fun and games, but less is more. And I am supposed to be the rules reference; so I need to know more of them, …… I need a rules happy player that ‘ll know them all and that ll spare me the knowing them. At least there is software for character creation.
  • Pause. We play about monthly which means that if one gets canceled it becomes a long wait. Which makes it hard to build up real tension and has screwed up good and interesting concepts before. Its a pity, it would ‘ve been cool had it worked..
  • Less points in this list because I REALLY cant think of a fourth..

I am generally quite happy about it all. The players & the game..

Interesting for considering though

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