Just got myself a digital version of MC Frontalot – Zero Day

And its an awesome record!
I bought it from the official site, as they directly sell CDs and digital versions. Had to look a bit for the digital version and even ask it over twitter; the answer came very swiftly. The store has a digital media section; I was only looking at the Mp3 section and the CD section of the site. (the cd section has iTunes link but no link to their own digital store.) Found it, shelled out 12$ and was offered downloads!

The disk is available in mp3, aac and 24-bit FLAC. All packed in a nice zip file with the front and back cover; the lyrics and a Readme.
I will now officially thank MC Frontalot for doing this the right way: Thank you for the different formats, thank you for lossless audio, thank you for the front & back art and thanks for he lyrics.

Also, thank you for having a positive attitude about the whole piracy aspect as explained in the readme. I heard about you from a friend that downloaded your audio illegally. I bought your album today because of his download. And also because I was able to listen to a whole lot of songs from your mp3 page!

MC_Frontalot_-_Zero_Day_README – Copy.txt
MC Frontalot – Zero Day
Released: Apr 6th, 2010

This package is a full-album download from frontalot.com, purchased in the electric store by someone who felt charitable feelings towards nerdcore rappers. If that someone was you, thank you! You are/were awesome.

If that awesome person has let the data slip through his or her fingers, and the new someone who reads this readme did NOT purchase the album in front’s electric store, then we here at the readme hope that 1) you enjoy the album anyway and 2) you enjoy it so much that you feel WEIRDLY COMPELLED to visit frontalot.com and purchase it after the fact. Operators are standing by.*

*actually they are just money-taking robots

**and they’re not really standing by — I think they just kind of lie dormant until their stuff-purchasing scripts are triggered by user input

I hope more artists will offer this service. Also; I still believe the cost of providing digital audio vs printing cds and sending them adds up to a whole lot more profit from digital downloads than from cds.
Also, thanks Amazon for nothing. I was about to buy MP3s from you, the first album in many to follow obviously, when you politely informed me you dont want my Euros for mp3s. No problem though, I just bought them elsewhere, as you can see.

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